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International scientific conference  «Museum as a Platform of Social Dialogue»

International scientific conference «Museum as a Platform of Social Dialogue»

03 April 2019, 12:02

Dear Colleagues!

Lviv Historical Museum invites you to take part in the International scientific conference «Museum as a Platform of Social Dialogue»,

The conference will be held on October 24, 2019

The conference aims to unite the efforts of museum workers in covering the most relevant matters of museum science and management, research and exchange of experience in replenishment and research of museum collections, development of new directions of scientific research, exhibition and educational work.

            The following topics are available for discussion:

  • Prominent museum personalities.
  • The history of museum institutions.
  • Museum collections: the ways of forming, matters of scientific attribution and cataloging.
  • Exhibitions and exposition museum activities.
  • Museums and visitors: communication issues.
  • Museum management today.
  • The Internet and opportunities for covering relevant problems of museum work. The role of the Internet in popularizing museum collections.

Please send your application for participation in the conference (see attached form) in advance no later than June 1, 2019.

For participating in the conference, please submit materials (texts and illustrations) before September 1, 2019 via e-mail: up to 0,5 print pages (up to 20 thousand symbols, MS Word 97 .doc or higher, Times New Roman font, size 14, interval 1,5, 22 mm field on each side of the document). General requirements: 1) UDC index must be specified in the first row to the left; 2) credentials are to be printed in the upper right corner, 3) the title of the material must be centered and printed in capital letters 2 intervals below the credentials; 4) summary and keywords in Ukrainian and English below the title in the centre; 5) Reference List in the end of the text ordered alphabetically in accordance with the state standard requirements. All references in the text must be put in square brackets: figure 1 – reference number; figure 2 after the comma – page number (e. g. [3, p.15]).

Please include the following elements in your text: relevance of the topic, object and subject of research, historiography of the chosen theme, review of referenced sources, as well as references to corresponding literature and other sources. Speakers from Ukraine must compile bibliographic descriptions in the Reference List by adhering to the State Standard regulations “Bibliographic references. General terms and rules of compiling” from 01.07.2016. Organization committee is entitled to choose which material will qualify. Materials sent after September 1 will not be reviewed. Authors are fully responsible for credible coverage of researched subjects, systematic presentation and validity of provided facts, referenced sources, spelling of given names, geographical locations, etc. Published reports are not redacted. The collection is planned to be published before the beginning of the conference. Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian and English.

Invitations and conference programme will be sent to each author individually.

Accommodation costs for participants are paid at the expense of the sending parties.

Materials (texts, illustrations and captions) should be sent before the end of specified time to the following e-mail address: iryna1966@gmail.com  

0677124493 Iryna Vsevolodivna Polianska (Research Secretary).

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