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The exhibition "Saxon Mirror and Magdeburg law - the basis for Europe"

The exhibition "Saxon Mirror and Magdeburg law - the basis for Europe"

18 January 2017, 13:55

January 12, 2017 in the exhibition hall of the Lviv History Museum (Rynok, 6) the exhibition "Saxon Mirror and Magdeburg law - the basis for Europe". 

She initiated the creation of Center for Political Education of Saxony-Anhalt. It is the territory of modern federal state of Saxony-Anhalt medieval sources originating in European legal culture - "Saxon Mirror" and the Magdeburg Law. 


The exhibition visited cities such as Magdeburg, Galle (Saale), Marie Born, Wendgräben, Tangermünde, Aschersleben, Ilzenburґ, Kothen, Dessau, Brussels, Minsk, Warsaw, Krakow, złotoryja, Wroclaw, Tsehaniv, Kyiv, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia . 

In Lviv, the exhibition was supplemented by exhibits from the collections of Lviv History Museum. 

The exhibition is presented by Helen Roman - Deputy Director of the Lviv History Museum, Mike Reichel - Director of the Center for Political Education of Saxony-Anhalt, Michael Frost - Head of Culture Department of Humanitarian Policy of Lviv City Council, Yevgeny Red - Head of Exhibition Projects Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Valentine Hubenko - Deputy mayor Orlando apartments. A brief tour of the exhibition held Head of Department of Ancient History LIM Yaroslav Stanchak. 

Magdeburg law - a legal system of municipal government in Central Europe in the Middle Ages, formed in the city. Maґdeburzi (Germany) in XII-XIII centuries. Later it spread to the territory of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. Introduction of Magdeburg law, its influence on the development of democratic traditions, legal culture, elements of Tolerance in Central and Eastern Europe overemphasized. 

The exhibition presents materials in Lviv Center for Political Education of Saxony-Anhalt and one of the largest museums in Ukraine - Lviv History Museum. The exhibition aims to demonstrate that Ukraine, including Lviv, long a part of the European Community. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the many illustrated stands, created in 2006 under the guidance of Professor Heiner Lucas (Department of Civil Law at Martin Luther University Halle-Vittenberґ). The stands contains information about Central Germany in the Middle Ages, the creator of "Saxon Mirror" (c. 1230) von Eyck Repkova activities of the judicial panel, distribution Magdeburg rights in Europe. 

The exhibition - more than 40 original attractions of Lviv History Museum collections related to social life of the ancient city. Among the most interesting exhibits: 

The charter of King Casimir III to provide the city of Lviv Magdeburg rights from June 17, 1356; city ​​law collection of laws "Jus municipale", published in 1581 in Lviv original royal printing Nicholas Sharfenberґa; ceremonial sword Lviv 1577 wizard Janusz Venhryna; symbolic keys to the city of Lviv XVIII .; Lviv emblem sixteenth century .; Lviv rod advisers and lavnykiv XVII century .; Interest HVI- eighteenth century. Lviv community, Ukrainian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish; old images of the medieval city. 

The exhibition focuses on European cultural and historical values. In addition to the legal historical dimension, expressing interesting modern oriented to the future value of regional, national and European. Shows how regional cultural heritage fit perfectly into the overall European history shows that European integration does not lead to a shortage of regional identity and brick are the common European home.