Museum of Glass

Department of Lviv Historical Museum - Museum of Glass was opened in September 2006, to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Lviv by the exhibition of works of international symposia of Blown Glass, which took place in our city in 1989. Organizers of the exhibition were Lviv Historical Museum and Lviv Art Academy. The museum was created to represent to the public the history of applied glass on the territory of Western Ukraine from princely times to the mid-19th century and also to represent to the public the collections of modern art works of the representatives of a narrow, but progressing field of arts and crafts - blown glass. The exposition of the Museum of Glass consists of two sections: “Historical Glass” and “Modern Glass”.

Exhibits represented in the first part show the tastes and preferences of the society, technological and aesthetic changes in glass shaping and decorating. The exposure is based on the items from fund collections “Glass” and “Kyiv Rus” of Lviv Historical Museum.

Many citizens and city visitors will be charmed by the miniature jugs, bottles, amphora, Old Rus beads, fragments of bracelets, rings, fragments of mosaics from Kyiv, Terebovlya, Galicia, by the monuments from the 12th century from archaeological researches of craft chronicle Zvenigorod of a well-known Ukrainian archaeologist I. Svyeshnykov, by the glass from the 16th – 17th centuries from the collection of Petro Linynsky.
   The visitors can get acquainted with different by functions glass: applied (cups, glasses, beer mugs), applied-ceremonial, crafts (flagon), decorative and applied (necklace, bracelet), elements of interior. Among the exhibits represented particularly valuable are the items of Korostivska huta, products of which competed with highly developed hutas such as Bohemia and Silesia the 19th century. Guchas achievement was boiling of gold ruby, which was used in producing linings for profitkas and thread for decoration legs. One of the exhibits - a festive service with the monogram of Isabella Lubomirska, despite its great artistic value, has also great historical value.

Exposition of the department “Modern Glass” has a variable nature.
The exhibits of the Museum of Glass will enrich the visitors with the knowledge about the evolution of glass production, will introduce ancient centers of Galician Blown Glass, the range of glass production, characteristic to a certain period, the most peculiar examples of methods of decoration, ornamentation, will give great aesthetic pleasure.